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A Book Organiser

My book organiser is what used to be known as a book bible to many of our classical writers.  Anyone who wants keep all their ideas and inspiration in one place will tell you a physical binder or notebook is the way to go.

What should you put in your organiser?  Each writer draws inspiration from many things.  Some people like to collage their thoughts onto a page, others like a complete outline, some work from pictures and others from a play list. 

My organiser comprises of a copyright page that protects all my ideas as mine.  I have sections entitled Print, Outlines, Ideas and Spares.  I then break each section down further.  Print has one book in it’s section as it is the next one I am working on to publish.  Outlines comprises of the books I have defined outlines and written pieces for.  Also, the books the I am currently working on for wattpad.  Ideas are the books that I have solid ideas for but have not outlined or researched as of yet.  

Then because I’m kind of OCD about organisation my further breakdown is a picture of the front cover, map (if needed) outline, research and snippets (for those pieces of writing that have no home in the manuscripts yet).

Whether you used a book organiser or a bullet point journal make sure that you add everything in that you use on daily basis.