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Ciara's homes

*Mild Spoilers ahead*

Ciara is a global child brought up in many countries.  She is the daughter of a Mother with a fashion empire and a Father from Russia (who is never mentioned).  This is one of the reasons why she has spent so many years studying dance in Russia.  Originally she was supposed to dance for the Australian Ballet School and have a fall on the eve of her transition into the company.  Something about Russia called out to me.  Maybe it was the way that the dancers are trained…maybe it was all the history and the snow.

In chapter one, three homes are mentioned St Petersburg, Sydney and Moscow.  I used to window shop for places my character might have lived.  In St Petersburg, Ciara as a senior student at Vaganova Ballet Academy would have the privilege of living off campus.  With a family estate in the same country there was no need for her to have the same amount of room especially since she was training six days a week.  Her apartment would be fresh and modern with a traditional exterior.

Ciara’s mother is a lover of traditional styles and quirky architecture.  Their home in Moscow has a touch of whimsy about it while being part of the modern landscape.

The third house is mentioned as colonial with red sand stone overlooking Sydney Harbour..with a great view of the business district.

This last house is where Ciara has her ‘Britney’ moment.  This is where she grudgingly begins to come to terms with the fact that she will not be going back to dance training as a professional ballet dancer and begins to change her mind set around to what’s next in her life.  

Is she influenced by the amount of riches shown in the pictures?  While Ciara has certainly grown up amongst the rich and beautiful she has been training since the age of 8 to dance.  Her whole focus in life has been about perfecting her steps, doing the work and making it all look beautiful.  Money hasn’t gone to her head.  She appreciates the freedom it brings her but doesn’t really understand the politics behind showing off your stuff.

Boarding school will be a whole new experience for her…

Until next time when we explore lifestyles of the rich and fabulous goes to school….   M.


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