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The Phoenix Sisters: History

An evil sorceress destroyed the planet of the phoenix in her quest to harness the power of cold fire and blood fire. History and her family travelled to our planet as refugees. Surviving their father’s death at the hands of mortals they camouflage themselves and walk amongst us. Sweeping from the ancient world through the middle ages to the modern era History has kept her promise to keep her sisters safe. Threatened by progress she calls out to the only creatures in existence capable of protecting them.

The circle of the dragon has lain dormant ever since the fall of Pompeii. Blair is the oldest dragon in the world. The world has turned and turned again since he closed his eyes. His valley in Utah is decorated with primitive paintings of his true form. Hearing his mate’s call he rallies the remnants of the circle-the Dragon Riders.

Blair and History have spent too much time apart. Will she accept him after he left her at the fall of Troy?