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When I Made You Smile

Left with a permanent injury which destroys her ballet career, 17 year old Ciara is left battling depression. With her whole life in pieces she is sent away to Water ways, a private boarding school on an island in the middle of nowhere where she is expected to start over again. Can Ciara move on with her life and leave her past where it belongs?

Elusive, popular and reticient. Sebastian Echo is aware of the disruption Ciara’s arrival has made to the social arena at Water ways. As student body president, it falls to him to keep everything running smoothly. On top of that his father is beginning to groom him to take over running the family corporation. With the pressure rising all Seb really wants to concentrate on is building tiny houses.

Together they make the most unlikely couple. Seb and Ciara. Ciara and Seb. How did they become an unlikely couple?